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Welcome to the Player Impact website, we’d like this to be a place where footballers, agents, clubs and brands come to discover new and exciting possibilities in the commercial world of football.

We will encourage you to think outside the box and look to the future for the next significant trends in social media, sponsorship, press, TV and film and analytics.  

This site will feature interviews with experts in essential fields such as press relations, journalism and sports law. They will give you an insight into what you need to know to stay ahead in an ever-changing world of sports marketing. 

We will also have exclusive interviews with big names from the football world, including players, coaches and agents.

Once you are armed with the information, we can connect to the right partner, whether that be a footballer, club or brand. If you choose to hire us you’ll be in good company as we already represent international players Alex Marshall (Jamaica) and Zyen Jones (USA). 

Alex plays for Halifax Wanderers in the Canadian Premier League (CPL) and helped them to finish second in the championship last year, while Zyen has just signed for Ferencvárosi which is the most successful team in Hungary and featured in this season’s UEFA Champions League.

Alex and Zyen both understand football is not a long career so it’s important to take full advantage of their opportunities. We at Player Impact help them with that by using creative and data-driven methods to enhance their media profiles – leading to larger fanbases, lucrative endorsement deals and bigger transfers.

The services we offer:

Social media content and feature films

Building a brand is about creating a story. We can do this by making a short film or documentary based on our clients. 

We have a creative team which can develop content from pre-production to the final film. We can also shoot large physical events or smaller videos for social media. We have more than a decade of experience creating online video, short films and adverts.

Player Impact has a trusted team of directors, editors, writers and other crew that will ensure the project is of the highest quality.

Social media strategy and execution 

Social media is a key tool in any player or club’s arsenal. We will break down what our clients need to do to grow their audience and make their accounts more attractive to sponsors and customers.

This includes advice on choosing the correct bio, posting content, writing captions, including hashtags, driving engagement through comments and utilising direct messages, video messages, voice notes and stories.

Press coverage

We help increase our clients’ brand awareness by using targeted PR campaigns to generate positive media stories.

We will secure monthly coverage on digital media, printed press and relevant blogs. This will help garner more exposure which will lead to larger fanbases, lucrative endorsement deals and bigger transfers.

Following Zyen Jones’ transfer to Hungarian champions Ferencváros we secured press coverage on both digital and print media in the United States, Jamaica and Hungary. He featured on MLSsoccer.comJamaica Observer and Jamaica Star Online.

Alex made a splash during his first season with Halifax Wanderers in the CPL. He was a key reason why the club made it to the finals, narrowly missing out on the title. His journey was also detailed in several media outlets, including the Jamaica Observer.

We have an array of contacts in the media which it can utilise to ensure our stories get the attention they deserve. 

We have established relationships with the BBC, Yahoo UK, Daily Mail and General Trust (Mail Online and Metro), Evening Standard, iNews, Premier League Show, Tech Crunch, HuffPost and Reach (Mirror Online).

Data analytics

Through analytics, we are able to clearly show the value of a footballer or club’s fanbase, including their demographics and buying habits. We provide data so our clients can better target their audience.

This includes analysis of social media accounts which can then be used to find the right sponsors and show them how working with our client will benefit them. We will communicate your strengths and weaknesses and then tell you what you need to do to get through to your audience.

We have experience in applying analytical approaches to successfully increase audience growth, revenue, and content consumption. This includes MI reporting, presentations, forecasting, predictive analytics, segmentation, ROI models, SEO and social strategies.

We have also worked on a global programmatic and direct ad revenue strategy by assisting with a company’s revenue budgeting process and periodic re-budgeting. These budgets are based on traffic forecasts.

Our team can quantify traffic initiatives to ensure growth in the international audience. This includes working with affiliate partners, external sites and key referral sites to promote traffic back to platforms. We can distil behavioural user data to explain user experience, produce an analysis of traffic trends, and identify and provide input into product decision-making in order to drive revenue.

We have managed direct relationships with vendors and traffic partners such as ComScore, Hitwise, Nielsen and ABC; collaborating to bring about further unique innovations and to gain insights about competitors, and manage budgets for these tools.

Our team has produced optimisations focusing on business goals to ensure an increase in traffic and users engagement on platforms. Changes in layout can increase user retention and views to improve revenue. The team has promoted a data governance strategy across an organisation, which has helped to align metrics and communicate data changes across reporting, data warehouse and CRM.

Sponsorship sales and acquisitions

We get footballers and clubs get the maximum results from sponsorship deals. Our team supports our clients in understanding their commercial value and then connects them with the right brand.

We are able to assess the true value of rights, create a custom sponsorship proposal and then negotiate with partners. We will find out a player and club’s interests and place them with a brand that will help them achieve their long-term goals.

We want to know what drives our clients so we can find companies that share their passions. This will ensure both parties are motivated to make the collaboration a success which will create relationships that enhance reputations.

We will also uncover opportunities and partnerships which were not obvious from the start. We will champion, defend, advocate and promote our clients as we work together to achieve a common goal.

We help establish long-lasting commercial deals that will remain even after a player’s on-field career is over.

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