impact films academy

impact films academy

Impact Films Academy CIC is making a real difference by providing film training to former academy players and amateur footballers. Without proper guidance and clear career prospects, some of these young players may feel discouraged and pushed toward unemployment or even criminal activities.

Impact Films Academy CIC is determined to change this narrative. Through the power of filmmaking, we help individuals rebuild their confidence, trust, and self-belief, while gaining clarity about their future. 

film projects

Kicks short film – supported by Mind mental health charity


Kicks is an emotionally charged football drama that tells the story of a teenage footballer who is struggling with mental health issues and trying to reignite his passion for the game. Through his journey, viewers are taken on a powerful and poignant exploration of the challenges that young athletes face.

Impact Films Academy X Mind charity

Impact Films Academy has collaborated with mental health charity Mind on the short film project.

Mind has previously worked in partnership with the English Football League (EFL) to raise awareness of mental health. This has included improving the approach to mental health in football, and raising vital funds to support its life-changing work.

Kicks short film – Behind-the-scenes

Unsigned Ballerz Documentary

In Player Impact’s exclusive series Unsigned Ballerz, you get a closer look at footballers fighting for another opportunity after being released from their clubs. Click here to view.

ghosts in time

Ghosts in Time is a thrilling and thought-provoking short film that explores the mysteries of time travel and the consequences of playing with the fabric of the universe.